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McBrayer Studios does web pages.


With the world becoming more interconnected it is important for your business and organization to have a presence on the world wide web.  Even if it is to set up a company email address and a splash page, have a place for your clients to view your basic information is important.  There is no need to advertise @gmail.com (or any others) when for a low cost your business or organization can have their own web presence and email address (@yourcompanyname.com).


Our approach is to provide good looking, easily navigated websites that are content driven.  We believe that while some sites require Flash and other bells and whistle, the sites we develop are content based for your clients, customers, and the public to use.  Additionally, with many of today’s smartphones, Flash based websites cannot be viewed, so why go there is you do not need too…


We have embraced WordPress websites and have provided many websites based on this platform. This allows our clients an easy way to add their own content without the cost and wait for their webmaster to do this work.  It also allows for an easy way to provide various types of content on your website including static webpages, blogs, calendars, photo galleries, and many other features.


McBrayer Studios can provide as much or as little of services needed to establish your web presence.  Whether it is a simple one page site to set up your initial website, email, etc., or you want to have a full fledge website with various types of pages and content, we can provide these. Additionally, we can host your website and email, allowing for one-stop shopping for your website and web presence needs.


Some of our websites completed include:

Other services we can provide include:

    • WordPress websites
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media setup and integration
      • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blog
    • Website Hosting
    • Email Hosting
    • Content including graphic design, photography, etc.

Contact us to see how McBrayer Studios can provide the services and web presence your company or organization needs.