Deputy Hound Dog

Deputy Hound Dog dvd caseDeputy Hound Dog DiskI recently had a really fun home video transfer project for a local hero. Duke Adams, an Elvis Impersonator, was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing. He helped police recover Elvis memorabilia worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was on both local and national news, but it was long enough ago that the copies he had of the newscasts were on VHS tapes.


The tapes were well used and showing their age and wear.  This project included editing to cut out the partial extra news stories and clean up the recordings. I was able to compile all the newscasts into one video collection with custom transitions to keep the newscast feel. He also got a digital copy, as he was just contacted by the Discovery Channel to tell his story again and he may have new video to add. The kids were so excited to meet Duke all done up like Elvis and to hear his story.  He didn’t have any photos handy for the case and disk, so I while I was editing, I was able to take screen shots to make the case and disk. I included those photos on his disk so he could print or use them.


Duke Adams loves to share his story – if you would like to know more about him he says just Google him – type “Duke Adams Elvis” and you will be able to learn all about him and his amazing story.

– DeAnna

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