Summer Vacation is ending… time to start planning for the Fall.

(DeAnna) – I’ve had a great time spending the summer with my family, but it’s almost time for the kids to head back to school and for our busy season to start.  While Todd is the primary photographer, I prefer to focus on the video side – recording and editing plays, recitals concerts, family and church events.  I love doing this!  It is so satisfying to create something beautiful and meaningful.  In anticipation of having a rather full calendar this fall, I’ve decided to offer a pre-booking special to help plan out the busy fall season.  If you already know when you winter or fall concert or event is going to be, you can reserve that day for a $50.00 deposit.  You will receive a 10% on your video package price if you book by September 30.

Summer Special
Summer Special

I’ve put together a flyer for the standard two camera video package – click here to view it. This is a great way to film just about any event.  The two cameras give us the ability to capture the whole scene while at the same time using one camera for those tight close-ups, zooms and pans across the event.  Click HERE for a printable PDF flyer you can share.  

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