AD/S Companies – Email Project Update – Sprinkles Cupcakes at Linq

It was exciting to see this email come over this morning from AD/S Companies for some photos we took back in August 2014.  We even did a short video showing the animated signage.  Due to the animation in the signage, long exposure photos were required, but care had to be taken to ensure not to over expose the photos.  In addition, choosing the right time of day and night was critical to ensure proper lighting and minimal pedestrian traffic.

AD-S Companies Sprinkles Email AD-S Companies Sprinkles Email

You can check out these and other photos we took of this project to AD/S Companies on our site, as well as other architectural photography work we have completed.

AD/S uploaded the video to YouTube via this link (embedded below too – AD/S Companies added the music to the video).

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