About Us

While McBrayer Studios has “officially” been around since 2012, DeAnna and Todd McBrayer have been partners working side by side providing a variety of services in our personal and professional lives for decades.  

Todd and DeAnna McBrayer were married in 1994 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Starting with a small family in 1996 their family has grown to 9 children, both through the joys of birth (5 of them) between 1996 – 2003, but also through the blessing of adoption (4) in 2011.  Having a large family keeps things interesting and makes for a great family business! 

The videography portion of McBrayer Studios started with filming choir concerts for our children with one little camera and a tripod.  It’s grown so much since that time – almost all of our clients have been referred to us by word of mouth.

In addition to being a dad, Todd, who grew up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is interested in photography, running, outdoors, scouting, NASCAR, architecture, and all things Apple.  DeAnna, raised in American Fork, Utah, keeps busy with the family, but also is interested in education, videography, outdoors, and also all the things Apple.  We are excited to share our talents and abilities with our clients, friends, children, and in making the lives of those we work with better.  Todd and DeAnna are also active in their church and community.

Family Group Gazebo