Our photography services include the following areas:

Webster’s Dictionary defines photography as:

Pronunciation: f-täg-r-f
Function: noun
: the art or process of making pictures by means of a camera that directs the image of an object onto a surface (as film) that is sensitive to light


At McBrayer Studios we offer this “art of photography” in many different related services.  Whether you need product, portrait, scenic, or architectural photography, we can provide the right look and feel needed.  We have been providing photography services for many years.  What started out as a hobby has turned into a passion and life long pursuit.  We strive to meet each client’s needs to ensure the right shot is captured.

 Our attention to detail is one way we set ourselves apart from the others.  Only so much can be adjusted in post production, so making sure it’s right at the time of capture is important.  Whether is it the right sun angle, the correct background (including adjusting for potential distractions – no one should have a stick growing out of their head), the correct pose, or even waiting for the right lighting affect, we work hard to make sure the scene and settings are correct to create the image our client’s need.


It’s OUR attention to details that make McBrayer Studio’s photography services one step above the others.


Examples of our recent work can be found on our Flickr.com site – click here to view



Interested in having a photo booth at your event?  Check out our Photo Booth page for more information on what we offer.