We believe pricing should be simple.  

We are providing a service and we believe YOU should choose how best you use your architectural photography, be it print, web, magazines, or other uses.  Our goal is to provide the best looking representation of your building, interiors, landscapes, signage, or other architectural photography related subjects.


$100 per hour, billed at a 3 hour minimum, per location.

Simple as that!

What’s included:

  • Travel time to and from the location(s)
  • High and low megapixel photographs (typically 600 dpi – perfect for prints, and 96 dpi – perfect for online use)
  • Flash equipment and lighting as needed (though we tend to shoot with as much natural light as possible)
  • Full post-production editing including adjustments for color, lens corrections, minor touch up work/cloning, etc.
  • Uploading of finished photos for client review, use, and downloading – typically photos are provided in a .jpg format (but we can provide photos in various formats and sizes as needed)
  • Unlimited licensing and use of the images provided!


Our post-production services including a number of adjustments to create the final image.  Each photograph is reviewed to ensure the best lighting, sharpness, color balance, lens corrections, and other items are provided.  Additionally, we have the ability to clean up, clone, or mask areas that do not look just right or are distracting.


We also provide HDR (high dynamic range) photography which helps balance out various lighting and color situations.  By combining at least three photographs, sometimes more depending on the situation and location, we can create a beautiful image without having areas over or under exposed.


Typically our clients should allow for about a week to two weeks for their final photographs to be uploaded and ready to use.  Unlike our studio photography work where the environment, lighting, and other conditions are fully controlled, nature sometimes has different ideas.  We want to capture the best image to represent your project or building.  This means we need to wait for the right settings.  Weather, surrounding events, business hours, access, and other restrictions all play into when and how an images is created.  There are always exceptions to ever rule (and photo shoot), but typically this is a good window of time to allow.

Sprinkles at the LINQ - Architectural Photography
Sprinkles at the LINQ – Architectural Photography


Contact us to see if McBrayer Studios is a fit for your project!

A note about licensing of the images…  As a creative professional we retain the full rights to the photographs for our portfolio use.  You as our client are given full rights to use the images as you see fit.  We do ask for photography credit if being published (everyone likes getting credit for their work).  We can always make other arrangement for licensing.