We Offer Several Types of Photography Services

Want to have more than just videos from your event?  We can do that.  Our photographers specialize in taking photos in theater settings working with the unique lighting set ups.  We can take pictures the same day as we film, or do photography alone if you don’t want videography or are unable to film due to copyright restrictions.  This is great for schools and youth groups as this can provide them with excellent materials for their portfolios.

Need promotional material before your production or portfolio pieces for your cast and crew?  We have you covered.  We can come in and get exactly the photos you need.  

Want individual cast photos or group photos? We have portable backdrops and lighting we can set up at your venue to take portrait quality photographs of your cast and crew

Unlike many other photo booth set ups, our photo booth experience isn’t just a static camera in a box and hope things go well.  We have a full event coordinating background, full studio grade lighting, personalized photo frame graphics, plus a personal photographer providing personalized photography services for each photo taken.

Whether it’s an exterior photograph, interior view, signage (both day and night), overall street scene, or other architectural photography needs, our attention to the details and knowing how best to present the project, will create unforgettable images of a project.

Each photograph tells a story, highlights a detail, and provides a visual depiction of what the architect or designer intended to show.  It’s our responsibility to capture this on “film” for our clients to share with the world.

We Preserve Moments


We offer the “art of photography” in many different related services.  Whether you need stage, portrait, photo booth, or architectural photography, we can provide the right look and feel needed.  We strive to meet each client’s needs to ensure the right shot is captured.