Want to forever capture that special event?

Let us do it for you.

Tired of that handheld video camera or cell phone video capture of your child’s special events or performances? Want to enjoy your child’s performance the first time without worrying about keeping the camera steady so you could watch it later?

Let McBrayer Studios capture your event in motion with our digital videography services.  We can forever capture your concert, play, or other event and create custom DVDs or digital media for you or your organization.  We specialize in multi-camera (two to five cameras) capture of your special events.

Share your memories with family and friends or sell copies of your event as a fundraiser for your organization.

Please visit our Video Packages page for more details.


Below are some samples of different video projects we have completed…

Multi-camera caption of a high school choral production (Las Vegas Academy) –


Piano Recital with a two camera capture –


Short clip of a Homeschool Play with three cameras and sound recording –


Children’s Choir Concert with multiple cameras and sound capture –


Movie trailer from a wedding day videography job –


For more videography examples of work we have completed over the years, visit our YouTube channel!


Years ago, we began our videography journey working to capture memories of our own children and their special performances with an HD video camera and a tripod.  We have a lot of kids, so that led to lots of events and constant desire to improve our videos.  We added a second HD video camera and sound recoding equipment.  We upgraded our Macs and got wonderful video editing software (Final Cut Pro).  Then we added even more still HD cameras that we could place at different angles to capture different moments.

Since we also have experience in graphic design and desktop publishing, we are able to provide complete packages for your event – from advertising and marketing, tickets, programs, photography and videography.  With everything done under one roof, all the pieces flow together seamlessly.



Combine video capture with our photography services and have complete coverage of your special occasion or event.

We will work to create the perfect package to fit your needs and your budget – email or call to schedule a consultation for your event.