What is involved in filming your production / concert / event?

Initial Consultation

Give us a call and we will discuss the best package options, pricing and availability for your event – like the number of cameras and techs needed, photography, live streaming and more. We also discuss special requirements you may have.  

Day of Event

We generally arrive about an hour before your event is scheduled to begin so all set up can be completed before your audience enters.  We start filming  just before the show is scheduled to start and stay until the end.  

Pre-production Preparation

After you’ve signed a contract, we begin to work on the details your event.  We plan out the best way to capture sound (your soundboard/our cameras and mics) and discuss any needs of your specific venue.  A site visit may be needed if you have special conditions. We request you supply your graphics and information for video credits and possible disc/case/menu designs before your event.

After the Event

This is where most of our work happens – uploading the footage from all the cameras and editing them all together.  We do basic sound adjustments on all videos, unless you provide a sound file you would prefer to use.  After the editing, we finalize your show in the medium(s) you request – DVD, Blu-ray, or Digital copy.  We can also host digital videos on Vimeo with a wide variety of accessibility options for you to choose.

DVDs and Blu-ray Packaging

We do our best to complement any promotional materials you already may have with our disc and DVD or BluRay packaging designs.  

Live Streaming

Are you limited to the number of people who can attend you event?  Would you like to make it available to more people instantly?  Ask about our live streaming services.  We can live stream an edited stream of up to four live cameras to multiple platforms.

We Help You Preserve Your Events


Trust us to take the time and work with you to create the perfect product for your production